Thanks for stopping by. This is the place where you can find some of my writing – excerpts from my books, short stories, poetry and links to some of my music too. It’s also the place for all my news about upcoming events.

So much is already going on this year, I’m happy to say, with lots of exciting projects on the go.

Firstly, I have completed the editing of my interactive adventure novel, “Kari’s Map” and I am so happy with the result. Sometimes, through the editing process, you have to say goodbye to what seemed like the most important features of a story, because you learn that they were only the pathways that led you to the real story. See what you think, when you have a read, here.

As for my works in progress, I have been working with Cordula Marks Venters – an amazing illustrator on two joint projects. Her artwork really is amazing – check her out here  – and the books we are creating together, very different as they are, are something very special for both of us.

I am completely obsessed with the characters and the landscapes of the first of these books: it’s one of those stories that won’t leave me alone until it’s written. Here‘s a little taster of “Beyond the Half-dead Stream”.

This book is partly set in Berchtesgaden in Bavaria. Cordula and I met with the mayor of this beautiful little town not long ago and we are very excited about the prospect of taking a show over there next year – watch this space for more details.

And our other joint project, well, think about a cute little Tyrannosaurus Rex who loves nothing more than a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and you’re starting to get the picture! Pet and Trex are such adorable little creatures – have a wee look at them here – I just love them!

Being in the mountains is very good for my soul – while in Germany, I also wrote a whole bunch of new poems, some of which you can read here. Poetry is often like a journal for me – here is a page of my latest thoughts – a kind of reminiscence and love song, with a bit of jazz thrown in. See what you think.

Another project of mine can be previewed here: Free Your Creativity – Wings to Fly. Its working title was Ελενθερία, the Greek word for freedom and it’s all about freeing up your imagination and breaking free from creative and artistic blocks. It’s something pretty different for me and it was a lot of fun to write (and >gulp< illustrate) and I’m happy to say you can start reading it now, here.

There is still a lot of other writing going on for me – many different projects at many different stages of development. Take a look at  my collection of Not Quite Fairy Tales, (one of which I read  at the Edinburgh International Book Festival) – here is a slightly different take on the Pied Piper story…

Part of the joy of living in Edinburgh is the fact that we are never that far away from the wild. In my daily walks in the Pentland Hills, I see the seasons changing with every sunrise and sunset. I have been working on a collection of poems and word-sketches inspired by what I see, come rain, shine, mist and storm. I enjoyed recording some of these poems as sound files. Have a listen here.

Thanks again for checking out my page – keep on coming back for more news and new writing.

The best way to contact me is through Twitter @KVentersMarks  – I’d be delighted to hear from you!