I love stories and everyone has their own tale to tell. Here’s a bit of mine.

I was born in Ireland, but grew up in Scotland, in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where I now live again, having spent  several years in the wilds of London. I have worked for years as a teacher, but for even more years as a writer and musician.

I am so lucky to live in such an inspiring location as Scotland,

Looking out across this view, 15 minutes from where I live.

Looking out across this view, 15 minutes from where I live.

but the world is a big old place and I love travelling around it, collecting ideas and words and images.

My partner is German and there aren’t many things in life I like more than swimming in a Bavarian lake, looking out at the Alps and watching the dragonflies.

The landscapes around beautiful Berchtesgaden inspire me.

The landscapes around beautiful Berchtesgaden inspire.

Writing is one of those things.


Reading my story “Locks” at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Working with young people is another great joy for me. As so many of my projects are for children and young adults, it’s always fantastic to get to spend creative time together with young people. Getting into schools is brilliant fun!

Cordula and I at a school’s literacy event

Telling stories is another great joy: I have been lucky enough to get the chance to speak my own and other people’s words and tell other people’s tales. As an Edinburgh writer, it is a real thrill to take part in events like Robert Louis Stevenson Day and to have the chance to celebrate Cervantes’ anniversary with a marathon Don Quixote reading.


Celebrating Cervantes at Summerhall, Edinburgh

But do you know what? The next chapter of the story is always the most exciting one – I am creating it now!