Wings to Fly Introduction

Free Your Creativity – Wings to Fly


Welcome to this project! You are warmly invited to come on in and find new ways to free up your own creativity and, in the process, create new ways to happiness in your life. If you’re feeling stuck or blocked or lacking in artistic confidence or inspiration, this is the place for you. This is the start of a whole new way to open doors to a freedom of expression and artistic liberation that can boost your happiness in many, many ways.

What follows is a short programme of twelve (ish) steps, designed to help you feel free to create, spread your creative and imaginative wings and take off. As human beings, we are intrinsically creative, but sometimes life seems to stop the free flow of ideas and inspiration. Whatever your job or dream job, whether you’re in the “creative industries” or any other field of work, you might just be feeling in a rut. The creative juices aren’t flowing. Maybe you’ve been facing a lot of rejection and negativity. Maybe events way beyond your control have taken over your life and you can’t seem to be free to express yourself at all. I want to help you out of this tricky situation and set you on track for a much more fulfilling, much more exciting, much more creatively free life.

And I want you to have fun with it!

Let me start by telling you who I am and where I am. I am a writer, musician and teacher and I began writing this programme really first and foremost as a letter to myself. I have had a lot of issues around confidence, had to deal with rejection and all kinds of nasty voices telling me I’m not really good enough or I’m not quite what people want to read right now. It’s been a lot harder because the truth is that the unkindest voices of all have been inside my head, sometimes just echoing things other people have said, maybe years ago, sometimes making up a whole new list of criticisms of my own.

But I love writing and creating so much, I have just carried on, somehow. The thing is, all the negativity around me created a massive wall between my inner self and the expression of my creativity. I was so “blocked”, I felt like a bird in a cage, only able to watch all those other birds swooping and circling up there beyond me. I really wanted to find a way to undo all that damage and set myself free.

And this is how I have been doing it.

It’s an approach I have put together with the main idea of setting my creativity free: in fact, its working title was Eleftheria, because that is the Greek word for freedom. It has set me free, after a long time of blockage and pressure and heartache. Previously, I had let cynicism and lack of confidence keep my creativity locked in the dark corners of my life, just like those half-written manuscripts I used to keep in dark, dusty corners of cupboards and locked drawers. I really felt like life was passing me by and that these creative gifts I knew I had – somewhere inside me – were wasting away. But I turned things around by letting my creativity do the work for me. That’s how this whole project came to be and it’s been such a fantastically positive experience for me that I really want to share it with you. Wherever you’re at, I believe that this process can enrich your life too. Hey, you’ve made it this far, so take that next step and keep on reading.

Give it a go and let it work its magic on you too. Enjoy!

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Let your creativity free!

 The Twelve(ish) Parts to the Programme

  • Acceptance accepting yourself as you already are – you don’t need to be “successful” to love and value yourself! Lighten up and give yourself a break!
  • Gratitude noticing how full your life already is and how many things you have to be thankful for. Let gratitude be a bedrock for all your creative enterprises.
  • Gentleness be gentle with yourself and with others. Dealing with negativity in a positive way: positive language leads to positive results!
  • Find your Number One Fan finding, creating or imagining the kindest critic ever, someone who just loves everything you do, and putting them to work as your audience – no stress, no pressure, just positivity!
  • Take your inner artist seriously  you’re not pretending, you’re not a wannabe, it’s not what you might have done if you had the chance to live your life over again – it’s who you are!
  • But don’t take it all too seriously the importance of play and finding the child’s joy in creating just for the fun of it: an instant creative energy boost!
  • The nature of creativity   finding inspiration in the natural world and recharging that sense of interconnectivity with everything around you. Creative energy flowing through you – it’s what you’re made of.
  • Generosity finding ways to praise people, noticing kindnesses large and small. Give it out and it comes back to you in so many ways, especially creatively.
  • Flexibility trust yourself to make the creative decisions that are right for you – two paths can diverge in a wood and you have the chance to follow your instincts, getting rid of expectations and the worry of going the wrong way.
  • Become a beginner doing something completely different, something outside your comfort zone is an easy and fun way to take the pressure off. No expectations to “succeed”, just express yourself. Find the joy of the amateur!
  • Speed and the art of finishing things the satisfaction of completing projects can be achieved in all kinds of unexpected ways. Challenge your old ideas about focus and discipline and achieve your creative goals easily and without stress.
  • Remember you are unique no one else can create what you create, no one else has your voice – revel in your singular contribution to the world and celebrate all that makes you the amazing artist you are!


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It’s time to begin!

Ready? I’ll see you in the next post for Chapter One: Acceptance.