Bayern Poetry

Bavaria is a very special place for me – I can never get tired of it: the mountains, forests, lakes, the wildlife, the wonderful people…. It inspires me so much. Here are a few recent poems from there.

Maria Gern

I could stay here

Watching the crows land

And the cones fall

And the meadows twitch with butterflies


I could stay here

Hearing the crickets rasp

And the distant tractor heave

And the birds talking over one another


I could stay here

Far above the pilgrims’ church

With its bell of welcome

And its view of forever

From the onion dome


I could stay here

Made miniature by these mountains

Made endless by this sky

And drop my roots right here

Words to grow a home


The Path From The Rostwald

And we see it all through dragonfly wings

The peaks beyond the peaks beyond the peaks

In easy still, the distant church bell rings

Resonates the solace a wild soul seeks


Soft and full and summered, the meadow lies

A green carpet rolled out for us to tread

The butterflies as petals in disguise

To dust this air with orange, blue and red


There in the forest deep, we find the trail

And ladders up the old woodpecker tree

So once upon our own new fairy tale

A happy ending waits for you and me


But no – this is not time to say “The End”

When unseen magic lies around each bend


Waiting for the Storm

A flash from the mountains

And the echo

Enormous drums, a thundering band

Marching through the valley

Pulling heavy clouds behind with grey chains

And lightning whips

And covering the peaks

With electricity and broken darkness,

Scattering birds and thickening the air

I can almost spoon it like a soup of breath

As I watch these views disappear

And wait for the storm

To reach me


The Aschauerweiher Is Real

There are moments in dark and broken nights

When sleep is chased by hordes of thoughts

Marauding and relentless and stinging

And when the battle is within,

To find those gentle thoughts

And reassuring images

Strong enough to quieten those massed forces of worry

And fear and all the wrong “What ifs?”


The picture I have in my head

Is of a little place in a mountain valley

Surrounded by trees full of

Woodpeckers and jays and squirrels

With dark paths leading up to cosy alms

Where the cowbells sound across butterfly meadows

And walkers look down to see

The swimming pool in that little corner


Where the sun warms the water, enough to take a dip

In among the dragonflies and swallows,

Where an artist sits and sketches

And a poet chances some words

And all is mellow –

The voices soft and happy,

The birds and insects in a mild and soothing choir



These images come from truth

They are based on real events

And here and now – I can say

I am here and now


But with these strange games

Time can play

I know that I can open this book again

Far from here and now –

In a busy airport, before a day at work,

In the middle of a dark and broken night –

And I can be here

In the sunshine

By the water

Surrounded by trees

In the valley of these mountains

Mild and mellow and safe.