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A new project for me, When A Minotaur Went Wandering, has given me the chance to experiment with an ancient form – the iambic hexameter. This classical structure, influenced heavily by ancient Greek poetry, has, perhaps ironically, given its strict rules, let my imagination free to roam. Here are a couple of examples.

The Light

The light is more than I had dreamed in darkness cold

The thread unfurls and weaves again lost tales retold

I could not breathe in solitude, a monster feared

But can the fates be altered, can my path be cleared?

The curse that locked my soul in shadow now grows old

Oh, freedom – chase me gone and let my truth unfold

The Gods’ Domain

Unshackled, I will wander through the gods’ domain

Undaunted; fearless over my own life to reign

Their temples crumble, hear Olympia grow still

Yet I, the gentle Minotaur, can roam at will

And history and lies can sing their old refrain

No matter: truth, for those who seek, it will remain


Here’s a couple of poems from my latest show: In The Shadows Cast By Trees.

Hänsel and Gretel

Follow the trail, sister and


Will find our way. These monsters


Only the evening shadows of trees.


Is just across the old clearing –


Than half an hour


We’re back, all these crumbs and pebbles



That’s it, Gretel, turn


And keep going. The lamp will be shining in the window


Us to find the way, before the witching hour, in the


Of night. Just hold my hand, sister.


There you are, my little ones,

I knew you would appear

Where the last of the summer was waiting

And I’d wished for sharp colour

To paint this muddy ground


You were still sleeping when

I passed this way before

With a spring in my step and impatience

For all that lay before me

And a full smile for all my lovers


Was it real or was it a story

Told to give light to darkness?

For winter was a distant horizon

Easy, back then, to ignore

Eyes fixed on my own hands in front of me


In all those wide days of plenty

Small beauties were overshadowed

But the autumn knows: it is fleeting,

And your own precious petals with it

Shall wither and stoop and fall


Here is one of my “Podoku” poems, taken from my recent exhibition, as part of the international 100 Days project. These poems are structured using the Sudoku form, in a 9×9 grid, no words repeated in any horizontal or vertical line, nor in any little box. It was a challenge and a delight to do these 100 little poems: the strict form let little bits of magic fall into the lines and unexpected ideas appear. See what you think of this one – click on the image to see it clearly.